Henham 10k Sunday May 19th

Henham 10k Route
Henham 10k Route


Another 10k in the diary had arrived. The week really hadn’t been great. I have previously had gait analysis and know that I am a severe over pronator yet In my wisdom I thought I would get a slightly lighter shoe for runs upto 10k. Mistake…I had another flare up of shin splints due to the lack of support in the shoes. I have spent the week massaging and stretching the legs in an attempt to alleviate the pain and discomfort. I went into the race with the worst pain having subsided but still with an uncomfortable dull nagging ache on the inner side of both shins.

I haven’t previously run the Henham 10k but know the area quite well having grown up in the neighbouring village. The weather was dry, warm and a little humid, Pretty good for a 10k run. After traveling down there and meeting up with other club runners it was soon time to get going. The first section was out via a main road but soon after we were onto farm tracks. It’s not my favourite surface to run on and at kilometre 3 with my shins hurting I knew I wasn’t going to be able to compete with those that have slightly better ability than myself. I had to settle into a comfortable rhythm knowing that at around kilometre 8 the course would change back to tarmac road for the final run to the finish.

The first 1Km passed the Church
The first 1Km passed the Church


The country tracks were heavily rutted in places and it was a real task to keep an even and comfortable pace. Once the tarmac road appeared beneath my feet I felt much more comfortable and started to increase the pace managing to catch and pass 2 other runners in the final 1500 metres. I tried to sprint the last 200 metres and catch the fella ahead but my legs just wouldn’t have it today. I timed myself at 45 minutes and 9 seconds it would have been nice to get a sub 45 but I am really happy with the time while my legs aren’t in perfect shape. As long as I can get over the sore legs I’m sure going into next Mondays Hatfield Broad Oak run I will be determined to get closer to my PB of 43.27.

Happy Running, Baz



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