Sunday 10k route

Went out for my 10k Sunday run and did a good round of 48m32s. Still got a slight niggle in my ankle but not enough to stop me running steadily. In a couple of weeks i will be visiting the Asics store London for computer foot analysis and gait analysis. Also purchasing some new shoes from them as well. A review and pics will be included on my return. BBC running club run August 23rd on the horizon, will keep plugging away and running with the striders when work permits.

Saffron Striders Running Club

Had my second outing with the running club and had a really good run with them. Have given in my application to make it all official. Completed a 6.7 mile run. There was a tragic accident that evening where one of the club members was fatally injured. My thoughts and condolences go out to Dr James Kew’s family and friends.

Running Ankle Injury

My ankle seems to be healing ok. Went out for an easy jog for a couple of miles incorporating the odd sprint to see how the ankle held up and so far every thing looks alright. My current running trainers are definitely a problem and will look to changing to Asics Cumulus or Nimbus. 4 weeks out from the BBC 10k in Regents Park London so still some time to build back up from a poor week. At least the sun has made an appearance, let’s see how long it lasts!

Saffron Striders Running Club

Went along to meet the Saffron Striders in Saffron Walden Essex last night for the first time. Made to feel very welcome and given details about the club before heading out for a 6.7 mile run around the fields surrounding Saffron Walden. Will be registering and attending when work allows. The only downside is i now have pain in my posterior tibial tendon which is quite sore. I have been icing it and put a bandage on. I think it may have been done on the fields as they were quite wet and muddy and turned my ankle a few times but not initially bad enough to stop my running there and then. Hope it heals quickly as i have another run in about 2 1/2 weeks time.

Clapham Common 10k Results and Review

What a great day! The weather was good with sunny, warm running conditions. The nerves were still there when i arrived at Clapham Common and made my way to get my race number and timing chip. Got the bag stashed ok in the organised storage area…then the long wait for the toilets!! My expectations were to try and beat my time set at Stansted of 51m 55s and see if i could get myself a sub 50m time. The course is 2 laps of the common which is reasonably flat with undulating areas, with a lot of it being off the concrete walk ways it has the feel of a cross country run. With all the rain it was quite a wet course with plenty of large puddle dodging. As with Stansted i tried to do my own thing and not get too concerned with those that passed me and i could feel i was pushing a good pace. Not once but twice i had to run through a swarm of bees on route!! No doubt some smart arse will correct me and tell me they were wasps!! somewhere around the 8k mark i could feel myself tiring so thanks go to runner 512 Anton Menzies who was running at a quick pace. I tagged on to the back of him and kept telling myself not to let him get away from me and i should be on for my sub 50m time. With about 400 yards to go i put my toe down and gave it everything i had left for the big sprint finish overtaking Anton in the process! Yet again feeling slightly nauseous i grabbed my goody bag with my finishers medal and made my way to see the results. Looks like a cock up with the results as it has Anton finishing in front of me instead of behind me. Oh well i’m sure Anton will be happy with someone clocking a faster time for him!! Being half blind without my specs on i was getting in peoples way trying to see my name or number. Then it was there!! surely not! Better than sub 50m, Better than sub 49m, sub 48m with a time of 47m 59s!!! smashing my Stansted time by 3m 56s and finishing in 67th place!! To say i was simultaneously amazed and overjoyed was and understatement. My next run is on 23rd August in Regents Park for the BBC Running Club 10k. I will be looking to improve on that time again if only by a few seconds but the longer term aim has surely now got to be getting down to 45m“Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goals: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.” Louis Pasteur.