Motivational Music Lyrics When Running


I have previously written about the types of music i listen to and how some of those tracks relate to running pace. I find the lyrics are just as motivational as the backing music a lot of the time. It’s great when you’ve got a kilometer to go and that great track comes on that can give you a boost to finish of that run. I have gone through some of the tracks i listen to and pulled out the lyrics that stick in my head when running. I hope you like what i post here and let me know what your motivational running tracks are.

Godsized – Walking Away

” Never again will we be beaten down, we’ll take everything you’ve got and turn it round “

Metallica – Broken, Beat And Scarred

” You rise, you fall, you’re down and rise again. What don’t kill ya make ya more strong. Rise, fall down ‘n’ rise again “

Deftones – Headup 

” Think of this as the sun and the mind as a tool, but we could bounce back from this one with attitude, will and some spirit “

Brand New Sin – Black And Blue

” I know you don’t believe it, damnation’s almost through. I’ve almost lost what’s all me, we’ve battled hard, we’re black and blue “

Iron Maiden – The Age Of Innocence

” So we only get one chance, can we take it and we only get one life can’t exchange it. Can we hold on to what we have, don’t replace it “

Disturbed – Indestructible

” My motivation an oath i’ve sworn to defend. To win the honour of coming back home again. No explanation will matter after we begin. Unlock the dark destroyer that’s buried within. My true vocation and now my unfortunate friend you will discover a war you’re unable to win “

Ozzy Osbourne – Fearless

” I’d rather die on my feet than live a life on my knees. I am warrior, i feel it, no pain, no mercy, no weakness “

Last but not least you can’t be mentioning motivational lyrics without  including the main one everyone knows!!!

Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills

Run to the hills, run for your lives! “

Let me know what you think and what your favourite tracks or lyrics are, thanks.

One thought on “Motivational Music Lyrics When Running

  1. I’ve been training to Shinedown’s “Diamond Eyes”. Sample lyrics:

    I’m on the front line
    don’t worry I’ll be fine
    the story is just beginning
    I say goodbye to my weakness
    so long to the regret
    and now I know that I’m alive
    I’m on the front line
    don’t worry I’ll be fine
    the story is just beginning
    I say goodbye to my weakness
    so long to the regret
    and now I see the world through diamond eyes


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