I was a good and improving secondary school athlete. Starting out in 100 and 200 meters and by the age of 15 had moved onto running 800 and 1500 meters where my strength seemed to be. Upon leaving school the support network was left behind and i didn’t know of any local running clubs in my area. So, cue the next 20 years of on off exercising and trying to keep myself fit!! With 3 lifelong friends passing away in a short space of time it was a real kick up the backside of all the wasted opportunities i’ve had. So, here i am trying to see if i can reclaim some of those years through running. I did the London marathon in 2005 in a poor time of 6 hours and the British 10k the following year, followed by nothing until the end of 2011. So, now since March 2012 i have been running 3 times a week on average 6 miles at a time. I entered Stansted 10k recently and managed 51m55s. The bench mark has been set…..

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