Frustrating and inconsistent week.

Well, yet another week were i haven’t been able to get a solid weeks running done. A couple of weeks back i was ill and had to miss our Harlow cross country with the Saffron Striders which put me back a little. Then as i got back out running the weather turned and we started to get the snow. I have a hill at the edge of a chalk pit which is about 1/2 mile long, it’s fairly sheltered from the worst of the snow and ice so i was able to have a good hill session down there. Heading toward my half marathons in March i really need to get some longer quality runs in, so i thought i’d put on some extra layers and brave the 8 mile round trip to Littlebury and back. 3 layers of everything later i left the house looking and feeling like a mini Michelin man! passing a couple of locals i could imagine them saying “No wonder he’s out for a run..looks like he’s put on weight over Christmas!” Even someone out walking there dog..the dog looked at me then looked at it’s owner as if to say”what does he look like”. Only 1/2 mile or so into the run i was seriously thinking of turning back as the conditions under foot were lethal! inch thick ice everywhere with very little of it being snow or even clear. I ended up doing a jog/walk for the whole 8 miles taking just over 2 hours what would usually take just 1 hour. The only bonus to the situation was that i got to take in and appreciate some of the views a bit more, such as Audley End house.1-Audley-End-in-the-snow


On Friday i gave in for the fist time since March and headed to the local gym to get some time in on the treadmill. They have a pay as you go system with no membership or joining fees. I called up to find out the current price etc and got a recorded message saying they were busy with clients, so i walked down. When i got there i was surprised to find them shut at 3pm in the afternoon on a Friday so that completely killed that plan!  Today (Sun 27th Jan) i turned out for the final race in our running clubs cross country series. It was in my home village of Newport and typically had absolutely poured with rain all night. So the ground that had been reasonably firm with the snow and ice was now back to good old cross country quagmire! It was a bit do or die for the Striders as a whole as we were sitting in second place and current holders of the trophy. After a hard run slippy, slide y race a came home in 37m 40s. It was a nice difficult race which i personally needed to get my own running back on course. Unfortunately for the Striders we came second overall and the trophy was won by Ware running club, well done to them and by the look of things it helped that they had a huge turnout of runners. Currently i am looking to just get some consistency in my running and with the turn in weather to slightly warmer with no snow or ice i should be able to get those long runs in that i need. Happy running.

One thought on “Frustrating and inconsistent week.

  1. That’s a familiar site. Nice and hilly all around Audley End House! I’ve only made it out twice this year and have a HM planned for early March. A lot of training needed before then so hopefully the weather will improve!


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