Returning From Injury

I’ve not really had a great couple of weeks! From the end on January i felt things were starting to come together, getting out for some 12, 8 and 5 mile runs in reasonable times. Then the injury struck out of nowhere. On the 7th Feb i went out for my usual 8 mile route and as the run went on the inner side of my shin in a small spot about the size of a 10 pence piece started to hurt. By the time i had got to 7.5 miles i was in agonizing pain and had to walk the final 1/2 mile home. I could only think it was a bad bout of shin splints or the start of a stress fracture. Once i got onto the net to see what info and advice was out there i had all but convinced myself it was a stress fracture and i wouldn’t be able to run for 6 weeks or more! So, should i go to the doc’s or not? Going up and down stairs was painful, i couldn’t hop on the leg and running was out of the question. I decided not to go to the doctors, after all the worse case was that he would send me for an xray, confirm that it was a fracture and tell me not to run. 1 week later and it was still very sore, but the sharp agonizing pain had subsided a lot and tackling stairs wasn’t causing pain. May be it was an unfortunate bout of shin splints. today after having 12 days with running i went to the recreation ground and had a slow easy 2 mile run to gauge how my leg was feeling. although there was a regular twinge and pull in the area of the injury there was no pain and nothing that would currently stop me from being able to run. Hopping on the leg doesn’t cause any pain and single leg squats are ok as well. My real concern now is i don’t want to inflame the area and have it come back and more importantly i am now less than 2 weeks from my half marathon (Bath 3rd March). I got out on my bike but that lasted 30 minutes before getting a puncture! I will have a session at the gym on the bike and may be a light  short run on the treadmill and some light road runs as well. Hopefully the bike sessions will be enough to keep my stamina and VO2 up and give my legs another 12 days of healing time. I have Cambridge half marathon on the 10th March so Bath may well be a get round as best as possible run and use it as a warm up to the Cambridge run. I will be able to see how the leg stands up the distance and how comfortable or uncomfortable the experience was. I still really hope 2013 is a good year and i can get some PB’s in. I am hoping to run in a lot of our club championship races over the course of the year as well. I’ll have to make some votive offerings to the god of running legs!

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