BBC Running Club Post Race Review

Have not long been back from the BBC running club 10k in Regents Park, London. The race was due to start at 18.30 so i made my way there and arrived at 17.30. A small gazebo was set out as the registration desk close to a place called the Hub which is a small gym located in the centre of the park. We had use of the changing facility’s and lockers at the hub, so i had something to eat and drink got changed then spent a relaxed 45 minutes sitting around in the warm evening air with the odd bit of pre run stretching thrown in. I had my new Asics Foundation 11’s on which were only purchased yesterday (Wednesday) and only had 6 miles put into them, also yesterday. So they weren’t really properly broken in trainers and i probably shouldn’t have raced in them just yet. The course was 3 laps of the park, starting near the centre, heading down to the serpentine around and back up towards London Zoo then back to the centre to complete one lap. After setting off i’m always thinking of improving on my last competitive run, the last being 47m 59s, so anywhere near or slightly better than this would have been good. After the first 2 mile lap i was blowing pretty hard and checked my time as 13m 20s, exactly 6m 40s miles!! i was wayyy inside improving on my pb and had clearly set of too fast!. So on my second lap i tried to ease back a little knowing i could run a negative second lap and still have a chance of a good time. By the end of the second lap i was feeling a bit on the sick side but concentrated on keeping up with the person in front and kept telling myself not to ease up too much. With the home straight in sight i thought i would give it my usual sprint finish but clearly went too soon and didn’t have enough left in the tank. Promptly over taking the fella in front before fading rapidly with him over taking me at the line! An unofficial time recorded at 45m 59s, knocking 2m exactly of my previous pb!! Finishers medal in hand i then had to hot foot it back home to north essex. Official time will be added once they are on the BBC running club website.

2 thoughts on “BBC Running Club Post Race Review

  1. Not bad at all Sprog!!! I am struggling to regain last years pace of 7mph over seven miles…that said I am a persistent bastard so watch yer back, I may just turn up there albeit blowing a bit hard some day :0)


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