Running Diet

I’ve been looking at changing my eating habits, not that it’s really unhealthy but just that it’s not entirely helping my fitness. I’ve been running three times a week since March and although i have lost a few pounds along the way not one ounce of body fat has come off. I tend to be quite carb sensitive in that anything that contains too much sugar (even something as simple as baked beans) soon has me dozing off. I think it’s this issue with carbs that hasn’t seen me lose any body fat. Although i try and eat healthily any sugars or excessive carbs in my diet are creating an insulin response which in turn is resulting in alot of those carbs being stored as body fat. So i am planning on moving to a higher protein diet with less carbs with most carbs being consumed post training only. I have followed this type of diet last year with good results, my body fat going from 28% down to 17%. I am currently back at 28% body fat and expect to lose about 1% per week. The diet will look something like the following.

Wake up: Protein shake with added wheatbran

Breakfast: cheese omelette with mayo , banana

Mid Morning: protein shake with added wheatbran

Lunch: Tuna mayo (no bread)

Mid Afternoon: Egg mayo, protein shake with added wheatbran

Dinner: Chicken with spring greens

Cals: 2500

Carbs: 58g

Protein: 256g

Fat: 138g

Fibre: 36g

2 thoughts on “Running Diet

    1. The diet was working fine but i don’t know if you have ever bothered to follow a low carb diet. As you can imagine the exercise was harder (it’s supposed to be, you’re forcing your body to us fat instead of carbs) but i also found it quite an unusual sensation. I felt completely fine on one hand but a bit distant and spaced out on the other, quite strange. It is supposed to take three weeks for the body to completely adapt and for these feelings to pass but i was also feeling quite hungry due to the lack of carbs. consequently this attempt caved in after 2 weeks. I now have this diet plus what i would call a bolt on carb element consisting of oats, pasta, rice. So i will follow low carb for a few weeks then add carbs back in for a couple of weeks and keep this back and forward cycle. also not eating after 10pm and exercising in a fasted or reasonably fasted state in the morning ( i tend to have a protein shake and a coffee!) The trouble is with long distance running i really feel the effects of low carbs, the inclusion of carbs makes speed and distance easier but doesn’t seem to do much for the body fat.


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