Asics London store foot assesment

Finally got around to visiting the Asics store in London at Argyll Street just around the corner from Oxford Circus. Michael greeted me and gave me some info on his background and then took me through the computer foot analysis. This basically involved putting my foot inside a special box while lasers measured the exact dimensions of my foot. When the results were printed of Michael ran through it with me before heading downstairs to the gait analysis. I started of with the Cumulus shoe which is a very soft neutral shoe and would show up any pronation i had. This can be viewed here

When the video was played back in slow motion the overpronation was evident. We then started trying shoes with more motion and stability control eventually ending on the Asics Foundation shoe, the results of which can be viewed here

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Thanks to Michael, Jade and Ricardo for their polite, informative and friendly help.

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