New Running Plan Heading Into 2013

Having had a bad couple of weeks with running only 2 times in that space of time things are starting to pick up again. A couple of weeks back i pulled my left calf and was struggling to run. I made one club night and ran in the cross country league on Sunday the 2nd December. Yesterday was the first proper bit of running i have done for the last couple of weeks and i felt it! I set out and completed a 10 mile run in 1 hour 21 minutes and 32 seconds. down on what i have achieved previously but considering the last few weeks not all that bad, probably only 10 or so minutes down on where i was. I now have a 10 mile race booked on December 30th in Buntingford, cross country league races and my next main goal of two half marathons at the start of March. The first of those two being the Bath half marathon which is currently a featured event on the running bug. I now have just under 3 months to go and i have sat down and working backwards from the event set out a training plan.I will stick to my 5 days a week training with 2 rest days but change up the training a little and possibly do 2 sessions in one day if i have the time. The plan looks something like this:

Monday: Weights/Circuit Training
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Hills, Intervals or Yasso 800’s
Thursday: 10k Time Trial
Friday: 8 mile Easy/Recovery Run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long Run 10, 12 or 14 miles
Some of the Sunday runs coincide with the cross country races but there are only 3 races left between n ow and the end of January so it won’t have a huge impact on my schedule. I would like to try and fit in another 10 mile race in January and February as well in the build up to the Bath half marathon. Another positive sign is that although i was aching quite a lot after yesterdays 10 miles today i have hardly any soreness at all. So i can only presume that the work i have done up until now is paying off and that my diet is adequate for recovery as well. My next cross country race will be on Sunday 16th December in Ware, roughly over 5 miles and i expect to get round in about 37 minutes.

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