Running Music Pace/BPM

Like most people i’m always putting together playlists to run to. The thing is i usually bung a load of tracks on the mp3 player that i like but don’t pay much notice of the BPM and how this could help my pace. So i started to look around the net and listen to my own tracks to see what pace benefits i may be able to get from putting together a more selective list of tracks. It actually takes a bit of practice running to the pace of a track, some tracks can sound quite slow but you double up your steps to get the correct pace. Where as other songs have a very quick BPM and it’s easier to drop into the pace. The following is an idea of what sort of track matches the pace per mile you’re after…enjoy!!

6.48 minute per mile

7.00 minute per mile.

7.12 minute per mile

7.36 minute per mile

7.48 minute per mile

8.00 minute per mile

8.18 minute per mile

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