Why Do I Keep Running?

Most of my posts have been fairly standard ” got out the door, went this far in this amount of time.” Although it’s useful information for me and some people are happy to read my progress i felt like writing a post about why i run, what motivates me and some longer term goals.

Anyone who has read my about me page has a small outline of my background. My job as a train driver is quite sedentary so an obvious aspect of running is the health benefit. I wish to remain healthy and active into my older age so i’m trying to make it a permanent lifestyle change rather than all my previous on and off efforts. The main reason i run and like to run is because of the personal challenge, the “how far can i push myself” whether it be time or distance. So far this year i have been running 10k’s. At the start of the year i was running at an hour for a 10k. I now have that time down to 45 minutes. So the next challenge is to now improve on distance.  am now running an 8 mile route and managed 1hr 01m 54s on Wednesday 11th Oct 2012.

These colder and wetter months are making it harder to get out the door, which is why personally i have been entering regular races to keep my motivation up. I also buy three running magazines, Runners World, Running Fitness and Men’s Running. These have some great features and articles for keeping the motivation up. I am also a member of Saffron Striders running club in Saffron Walden, North essex which is also great for meeting like minded people of differing abilities.

The only time i run without my mp3 player is during races as a lot of them don’t allow it. Personally i find it really useful to run to my favorite motivational music and music that has a beat that can help with my pace. I always find the first 2-3 miles the hardest when i go for  a run. It seems to take this long to get in to a steady rhythm and pace. Usually i must admit i tend to set out a bit quick and run as i feel comfortable which at the start is about 6.30/6.45 per mile. By the 2-3 mile i settle to about 7.45 a mile. My breathing always seems to be more of an issue than having tired legs. Again this usually settles by mile 2/3. My main mental goal when on the road is to not stop moving, slow down if i need to but just don’t stop! I’ve started reading Dean Karnazes book, RUN! 26.2 stories of blisters and bliss and am totally amazed at his and others ultra endurance feats.

I hope to keep pushing my own personal boundaries, next, half marathon then marathon then may be 18 months or so time i should be in a better place to attempt my first ultra, so i hope you’re planning to follow this blog long term!! Another reason for running is to give myself and life a bit more purpose and validity. Instead of being passive in front of the T.V. or spending too much time online, actually taking a physically active part in life. When training it may be only a quick hello to fellow runners, cyclists or dog walkers but at every race i have got talking to someone involved at some point of the day. I enjoy travelling as well so entering races gives me the chance to go to new areas an places. My Men’s Health Survival Of The Fittest is at Battersea Power Station on 17th November i am in the 12,30pm time slot. Only 5 months of cold weather to get through! I’ll have to keep reading others blog entries to keep me going.

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