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Since linking up with www.RunningBloggers.com i have linked up with some really great and amazing people. The vast majority of whom i can relate to and in return can relate to me. As well as providing huge amounts of motivation and inspiration they have made me feel a little less of a loony with aspirations well outside of my abilities to someone who should continue to knuckle down and chip away at making those aspirations realities. So it’s time to share some of that running love and pass on the page links so others can be inspired in return.

Von Ralls –  http://liftheavyrunlong.com

Cecil Vermule –  http://dreadmilldrummer.blogspot.com

Carmen Peterson – http://sherunseverywhere.blogspot.com

Cassie Channell – http://channellingmyinnerrunner.blogspot.com

Gene Meade –  http://gene-spincycle.blogspot.com

Alice Toyonaga – https://www.facebook.com/pages/ChatterRunGirl/174284385970207?fref=ts

Karien Vd Merwe Potgieter – http://www.runningtherace.co.za

Tina Garstad – http://fabulosi-t.blogspot.ca/

Dawn Rushing  – http://rushingherd.blogspot.com

Chris Collins – http://nzmultisports.wordpress.com/

Gabe Escobar – www.Therungeek.blogspot.com

Lindsey Lynch – http://onemotherofaday.wordpress.com/

Stacey Privia – http://www.staceyontherun.wordpress.com

Some Kind of Runderful – www.somekindofrunderful.com

Stephani Itibrout – Www.troublerun.blogspot.com

Jessica Winn – http://www.progressiverunner.com

Paul Arts – www.artsy72.blogspot.com

A Mother’s Pace – http://amotherspace.blogspot.com/

Robert Harem – http://www.robertharem.blogspot.com/

I Thought They Said RUM – http://ithoughttheysaidrum.wordpress.com/

Run With Shane – http://runwithshane.wordpress.com –  https://www.facebook.com/RunWIthShane

Julianne Franklin Tutko – http://middleagedwomanontherun.com/

Suzan Dees –  http://welcometothenuthouse.com

Amplify: Life Tech Run – http://amplifytoday.com/running/

Jennifer Marcum – http://teacherintraining75.blogspot.com

Carrie’s Cultural Commentary – www.carriesculturalcommentary.com

Mike Hill – www.fishflyruns100.com

Lindsay Dion – Www.rantsandrehabilitation.com

Ruby McCray Smart – http://rubylynnslens.blogspot.com

Matt’n’Julia Freeman Davis – http://the23rdmile.wordpress.com/

13 13’s in 13 – http://13halfsin13.blogspot.com/

Molto Vivace –  http://yousignedupforwhat.wordpress.com/

Susan Tate – www.thismamarunforcupcakes.blogspot.com

Ron Atienza –  www.runningfromdebt.com

Beth Terroni – www.thefacebook.com/boltingbutterfly

Andy Scraggs – http://www.myfitnessgoals.co.uk/


Thanks to you all for sharing your endeavors and in turn keep me putting one foot in front of the other. I look forward to reading my stories over the months and years ahead, Baz.

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