VMLM 2014 Expo and Registration

A great start to the journey! The first train we boarded from home ended up being terminated so we had to make a change before finally heading to Stratford and then on to Custom House for the Excel marathon registration. The opening time was 10am so we had plenty of time departing home at 07.35am but I was expecting there to be large amounts of people and some queuing to do so I wanted to get there in good time. I took my 8 year old son along to experience the day and he was hoping to spot a celebrity or two! It was his first time on the DLR service which was an experience in itself for him, driverless trains weaving through the city buildings, great fun for him. Excel is dead easy to find, it is on the doorstep of Custom House station and you virtually walk straight into Excel once getting off the train.


 We got to the queue about 09.50am..it opens at 10.00am and only had about 100 people ahead of us. Once the doors opened and people flooded in the numbers soon swelled and there were thousands of people streaming into the Excel. The first port of call was to loo for my relevant number station to pick up my race pack.


Number 24813..went and collected my pack and listened to some instructions and then we could head on to the chip collection point.


It didn’t take long to get the chip and then we headed on in to the expo. We tried to be methodical going up and down aisles but there was so much going on and so many people trying to get your attention and talk to you we had plenty of turns off our intended path. In all it didn’t really matter as we probably ended up doing about 4 loops of all the stalls anyway. Adidas had a huge wall that could be signed so my son and I wrote a few messages up on the wall for people.

20140411_101723 20140411_101905

One message was for all the Saffron Striders at the club and the other was for the people on http://www.therunningbug.co.uk . As i was raising money for Macmillan cancer we went over to their stall and had a chat they also had a wall which I signed against my pre printed slot on the wall.


Being absolutely bombarded with all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to try out i was careful not to blow my money straight away. I had some purchases in mind but didn’t want to get caught by all sorts of things I hadn’t intended to. Having worn out socks i bought some new Balega socks which look and feel great but i’m not sure if to wear them for the marathon just yet. I had also wanted to buy some Brooks ASR shoes. Brooks had sent me a camera to document my runs in the build up to the marathon and in return for handing it in they were giving a £20 discount on shoes and a free bag of pasta. Typical! of all the possible shoe models they didn’t bring the ASR to the expo because it isn’t the most popular shoe. What to do..I was offered an alternative shoe but with no medial post…no thanks…what about if we email you a 20% discount code so you can still buy the shoes..yes please. And the bag of pasta? as we don’t have the shoes, no problem! Samples were available at the majority of gel and snack bar stalls and I think me and my son tried 75% of them, some far tastier than others. I ended up buying some powerbar gels and electrolyte tabs I haven’t tried before so we’ll see what they are like at some point. Fullers London Pride beer is one of the sponsors of the event so we stopped by to speak to them..and have some samples, “sorry son, dad only here”. Next on the list was Vita Coco coconut water stand where again my son was happy to dive in and try all the flavours available and settled on a purchase of mango and pineapple..good choice! I have had trouble with the soleus muscle on my left leg and have been having treatment for some time but one thing i wanted to try was Kinesiology tape. We found the KT tape stand and asked them some questions on what it was made from, how to apply it and why I shouldn’t go away and buy a cheaper brand. I had some applied to my problem area and was told it would be good to keep on for the marathon. I could feel the effect of it pulling and lifting the skin which is what is supposed to help alleviate pressure of any muscular pulls or strains. Feeling happy I bought a roll which I will use along side treatment.

 After about 3 hours of wading through charity leaflet handouts and international marathon invites we decided we had seen and purchased everything we wanted and had covered all the bases on who we wanted to see and speak to we decided to move on to the final section where we could buy some lunch and listen to various speakers. On our way I bumped into a friend and stopped and chatted about our preparations where he told me we had not long missed Wilson Kipsang…gutted, one person on my list I wanted to listen to. We moved on and bought noodles for lunch and sat down to an informative but less interesting talk on final instructions. Looking through the timetable we would have to wait a good three hours to listen to a celebrity speaker and closer 4 to hear Priscah Jeptoo..a bit too long to wait with a couple of hours travel home and trying to keep an 8 year old interested. Nevermind! we had a great time at Excel, the only problem is I am in the rear most pen 9..the 3.5 hour pacer is in pen 3. Being conservative with my application time of 4 hours has given me a little catching up to do..i’ll stick to my pace and i’m fairly sure I will catch up to them in the second half. That’s the plan anyway!

Running On A Budget




Money has been stretched for most people in recent times so i thought i would write a post on what budget gear is currently available. I’m not one for buying really expensive clothing if i can find something far cheaper that does the job perfectly well then that’s good enough for me. I haven’t included running footwear because of so many variables like pronation, supination and width. I have searched out socks, shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve tops and also added a few accessories. I hope this is of some use to people and saves you some time trawling around the internet.


Nike Elite Running Quarter Sock Unisex – £5.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/nike-elite-running-quarter-socks

Mizuno Women’s Ronin – $6.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-MZWRS.html

Karrimor Duo Sock – £3.00  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-duo-run-socks-1-pack-415044

Adidas T Sock – £2.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/ADI4605/adidas-t-run-ankle-running-socks/

I have used the Karrimor and Nike socks with no trouble at all and the wear and durability is great. I have started using socks like the Nike elite more when racing as they have good elastication through the whole sock and help support the foot more than the average sock.



Asics Boxer Short – £5.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/clothing/shorts/asics-boxer-short.html

La Gear L LK – £2.49  http://www.sportsdirect.com/la-gear-i-lk-short-ld20-572050?colcode=57205025

New Balance World Class – $9.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpageMRA-NBMWCS.html

Nike 4 Inch Women’s – £5.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/nike-4-inch-short-womens-black-baltic-blue

Lonsdale 2 Stripe – £5.00  http://www.sportsdirect.com/lonsdale-2-stripe-woven-shorts-mens-435000?colcode=43500092

I use the Lonsdale shorts mainly because they have zipped pockets which can be handy at some races when i want to keep my train ticket or door key on me while i run.



Asics Womens Eikoku Top – £7.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/asics-eikoku-ss-top-womens-ss09

Karrimor Short Sleeve Men’s – £3.99  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-short-sleeve-run-t-shirt-mens-451131

New Balance Lady Short Sleeve – £6.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/NEW689527/new-balance-lady-short-sleeve-t~shirt/

Asics Ready Set T – $9.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpageMRA-AMRSET.html

Craft Active Run – £4.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/clothing/t-shirts/craft-active-run-t-shirt.html

When i started running i went and bought 2 or 3 cheap technical t-shirts but as most people will find as you enter races you will start to get a t-shirt as part of your entry. These seem to be getting better all the time and i have a good collection of technical t-shirts from races.


Brooks Women’s Equilibrium Nightlife LS – £12.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/brooks-equilibrium-ls-top-nightlife-womens-aw09

Men’s Asics Favorite – $24.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpageMRA-AMFVLS2.html

Karrimor Women’s LS – £4.99  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-long-sleeve-running-top-ladies-456032

Asics Eikoku LS – £7.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/ASI2095/asics-eikoku-3-long-sleeve-running-top/

Ronhill Vizion – £10.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/clothing/long-sleeved-tops/ronhill-vizion-l-s-crew-11818.html



Nike Shoe Wallet – £2.50  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/nike-shoe-wallet-grey

Asics Arm Warmers – $8.95  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-AARMW10.html

Lonsdale Headband – £1.99  http://www.sportsdirect.com/lonsdale-headband-mens-770009

Hilly Reflective Armband – £2.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/HIL67/hilly-reflective-running-armband/

Adidas Team GB Cap – 3.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/accessories/adidas-team-gb-cap-ss12-7795.html

There are loads of bargains to be had out there and you can easily go cheaper than some of the items i have listed. If you do go cheaper you will begin to compromise on quality with t-shirts tending to be cotton rather than technical polyester. With regards to shoes if you know what type you need going for last seasons model can be a cheaper way of getting the footwear you need. With regard to the t-shirts remember that you can start to build a collection by looking at races that offer a technical t-shirt as part of the entry. If anyone knows of some great money saving websites please feel free to comment and let people know, thanks.

Happy running all!, Baz.