Taking The Time Out To Realize My Running Improvements When Things Aren’t So Good

Working Hard Since The Summer

After my trip to Scotland back in June i made the decision to enter an ultra event. I had a couple of 10k events in the summer and settled on doing the Stort 30 ultra at the end of October. From June onwards I started working hard on improving my mileage following a Hal Higdon marathon plan. It seemed to be ok at the time and I adapted it a little to fit work and family events along the way. In hindsight it wasn’t quite as good as I hoped for and that along with running in fairly new shoes turned the 30 miles in to a real hard slog.

The Mileage

I had been putting in 3 to 4 runs of between 5 and 8 miles during the week and then going for a long run on Sunday continually trying to increase over time. Starting out at 12 miles and then progressing toward 20 miles. I hit a 20 mile road run in August of 2 hours 48 minutes so was pleased with the progress at that point. I then reduced the Sunday miles slightly and began a build up back toward 20 miles for the ultra. 2 weeks before the ultra I hit another 20 miler out on the course in a time of 3 hours 28 minutes, which was to be expected being off road so I was still happy with that time. The ultra didn’t turn out as well as i had planned and afterwards adapted my running plan to include some treadmill speed sessions a couple of times a week and doing some longer miles more often. This was panning out well and after 3 weeks I was starting to see the speed out on the road improve. The long miles were also back at 20 miles and I was hoping to start increasing those runs toward marathon distance.

Illness Strikes

Then out of the blue I have been hit with flu. Without warning, went to bed feeling fine and woke up feeling as if I had been trampled on by an elephant! I’ve spent the last 10 days feeling pretty rough with all the usual sneezing, nose blowing, headache, sore throat and chesty cough. Not being able to get out and run and sitting around dosing up on Lemsips I feel as if all the hard work is leaching away and every day that passes is ending back to square 1 with all the hard work to be done all over again!

Mental Self Doubt

Anyone that knows me knows i’m not one for self pity. It serves an individual no good and is a dreadful mental state to be in. A self pitier makes excuses for themselves why things aren’t going well in their life and then expects everyone else to run around rectifying things and picking up the pieces!! No! Not for me.  BUT. I have been thinking about all the hard work that seems to be slipping away. I planned to nurse myself through Christmas and pick again in the New Year. Get back to my new plan that was starting to work and build it up again. Also thinking as to why when things are going so well there always seems to be a spanner lurking around the corner waiting to jump into the works. Starting to feel a little better, although still with blocked sinuses and a chesty cough, I thought I would turn out for the first cross country of the season. I was just planning on having a steady run around, getting some fresh air and hoping it would help me to feel a bit better. I ran the 4.96 miles in 40 minutes 18 seconds. 5 minutes and 40 seconds faster than last year! 

Learning To Worry Less And Hold Onto Positivity

So proof if it were needed that I needn’t have worried so much and been down about being knocked back by illness. If the hard work is put in in times of wellness it will be well retained in times of illness. As a runner I think I am used to being of a mindset that I need to be in a state of continual forward progress. Anything less and it feels like the wheels are falling off the wagon. My physical ability will slowly but surely continue to incrementally improve but I need to relax a little more when things don’t appear to be happening in times of illness and also injury. I may read some books on positive thinking during times of doubt or hardship. The physical side of running is good the mental side needs improvement.

For all those that are good enough to follow and read my blog this maybe my last post this side of Christmas. So just incase I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a great time with your families and friends and to some great running adventures in 2014.




Do You Have Difficulty In Reaching Your Goals?


Most people in life want to achieve something usually in order to attain a better life and social standing. People would like a better job, more money, bigger house and so on. As runners our usual common aims are to run further or faster but rarely with any of these things we would like to attain or achieve do we sit down and consciously write down the goal. Of the minority of people who do write down goals the majority of them fail to succeed in reaching that goal. Goals are usually, what do you want to be or want do you want to do goals. You may just want to be healthier or you may want to do a 10k, either way there are traps that need to be avoided if you want to succeed.

Fear of failure

A lot of people are afraid they will fail. They place far too higher standards for themselves and anything less than perfection is failure. They feel that anything less than their best will garner criticism and ridicule. It is fine to want to do well but be realistic with what can be achieved. As long as you gave your best at any given moment you have succeeded where others continue to fail. set smaller targets for speed or distance and every time you fail to make those gains don’t view it as a negative failure but as an opportunity to be stronger and come back another day and to try again. Believe in yourself and our abilities and the improvements will slowly but surely begin to follow.

Lack of motivation

Many people are happy with their lot in life, where they are and what they have. If you are happy and gain pleasure from going out for a gentle jog that may be all you want to do. To achieve something more there has to be a pay off which usually comes in the form of pleasure, enjoyment or pride. Let that goal fill you with thoughts of what it would be like to reach that point of running that 10k or getting through that marathon. Feel those feelings and let that help motivate you toward your goal. In moments when motivation seems to evade me watching running films or reading running books helps bring back that amazement of achieving a goal and helps restore my own motivation.

Feeling unworthy

Some people lack confidence in their abilities and as such can be prone to self sabotage. They don’t believe they are worthy of reaching a set goal and as such may neglect important parts of a training regime. As a race day approaches they may pull out all together because they know they haven’t put in the training, start and not finish or start and struggle badly to the end. Then be very self critical at the end of it all and enter a vicious cycle. Joining a club or running with others of similar ability is a great way to get support and encouragement and give a real boost to self confidence which is key to goal attainment.

Over analysis

Some people go over every fine detail about a set goal and the proceed to worry if one of those variables should change along the way. No matter how well you train you will never have all of the answers to the what ifs that spin around your head. All that is important is that you keep working toward your goal but accept you cannot know all the answers during the journey only after at the finish will you know where future improvements lie.


Failing to plan

Maybe the most basic necessity of reaching a goal is having a clearly laid out plan. After all the old adage goes “failing to plan is planning to fail.”. Whatever your goal, having a written timetable of what needs to be done so you can incrementally work towards it  will help take a lot of the worry out of reaching the end goal. If a session is missed don’t worry either pick up where you left off or, if it’s not too demanding, try and pick up the schedule from where you should be. Either way having that plan is going to take away the guess work of what needs to be done.


Having your goal and sitting down to write your plan is great. Now you need to act upon it, sometimes the hardest part of any run is getting out of the door. Realise that more action in line with your plan will bring you toward your goal quicker, make it far more attainable and feel easier on the day.

Too many goals

Have you set too many goals and left yourself with too little time to realistically achieve them all? Short list one goal you are focused on and put your efforts in to working toward that alone. It is not to say ignore all the other goals but just to focus on one at a time. choose a goal that you feel is most attainable, tick that off and then move on to the next goal.

Lack of commitment

People can list various goals in their life but without true commitment they are rarely gained. A goal needs to be given your full effort if you want to make it succeed. As we find in life, the more you put in the more you will get out. Don’t be afraid of discomfort, tiredness or the need to go from running to walking mid way through a session. Commit to getting out the door and covering your planned distance, run, walk or crawl and over time you will notice improvement because of your commitment to the end goal.

Always remember you can achieve any goal you set yourself. Use the naysayers as fuel for your fire, commit and never give up, run, walk or crawl to the end goal! Take into account the above and incrementally you can work toward your goal. Be patient, work hard and it will happen.

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The Long Road To My First Ultra Event

Part of the Stort 30 route
Part of the Stort 30 route

 Like a lot of runners I have had a long term plan to run further and faster as time goes on. When I decided to get back to running as a serious hobby I was a 1 hour 10k runner which used to take some considerable effort and would leave me gasping. Through regular runs, dedication and joining a running club the distance has slowly increased and the times have come down.

 I have now gone and registered for he Stort 30 ultra, a 30 mile ultra in Hertfordshire along the river Stort tow path on October 27th 2013. This has been 18 months in the making with setbacks along the way. Through all of 2012 I was running 5 times a week with Tuesday and Saturday being my only rest days. This I now know in hindsight was too much and i kept getting colds and injuries. In 2013 I reduced my runs to 3 or 4 times a week, this did help a lot but I was booking lots of races on back to back weekends. The recovery periods weren’t really adequate, so again i was picking up injuries. I sought help for my injuries with www.thesportsinjuryclinic.org who gave me some useful information, exercises and causes. Through using better technique and sports massage it has really helped get on top of some of my problems and helped me progress further with my running.

My entire list of competitive events and times achieved that have led me to this point are below. As you can see the times slowly improve.

June 2012 10k Stansted 51 minutes 55 seconds

July 2012 10k Clapham 47 minutes 59 seconds

August 2012 10k BBC 45 minutes 59 seconds

September 2012 10k Saffron Walden 46 minutes 13 seconds

October 2012 10k Manuden 45 minutes 01 seconds

December 2012 Club Cross Country 5 mile 36 minutes 32 seconds

December 2012 Club Cross Country 5 mile 45 minutes 58 seconds

December 2012 10 mile Buntingford 1 hour 16 minutes 19 seconds

January 2013 Club Cross Country 5 mile 37 minutes 40 seconds

March 2013 Bath Half Marathon 1 hour 40 minutes 42 seconds – CURRENT PB

March 2013 Cambridge Half Marathon 1 hour 42 minutes

March 2013 10k Harlow 43 minutes 27 seconds – CURRENT PB

May 2013 10k Ashdon 47 minutes 44 seconds

May 2013 10k Clapham 44 minutes 49 seconds

May 2013 10k Henham 45 minutes 09 seconds

May 2013 10k Hatfield Broad Oak 44 minutes 10 seconds

July 2013 10k Lee Valley 45 minutes 43 seconds

I had been trying to improve the 10k time but as we went into May onwards the weather started to heat up and it affected me during races. It was during the summer I turned my attention to longer distances and other possible races to enter. I have applied for the London Marathon for which I should find out soon if I have been successful in the ballot or not. At the end of July I started on a marathon plan with a possible idea of entering an ultra in the Autumn of 2013 and then following training through winter for a spring marathon. This is the point I am now at. I have entered the Stort 30. I now have 7 weeks to go with my longest run in 5 weeks peaking at 25 miles before tapering for 2 weeks.

Other notable times and achievements from the last couple of months are below.

1k 3 minutes 4 seconds

1 mile 5 minues 36 seconds

5k 21 minutes 02 seconds

Thanks for taking a look and reading, other stats can be viewed at Nike+ 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Review

Brooks-Mens-Adrenaline-GTS-13-400x400Having become an ASICS fan over the past year i haven’t felt the need to try any other brand, following the old cliche “if it ain’t broke, why fix it”. So trying the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 would be interesting to see if it could cope with my over pronation. Brooks describe the construction elements of the shoe as follows:

• Anatomical Brooks DNA
• Full-length BioMoGo
• Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB®)
• DRB® Accel
• Combination Last
• Heel Caterpillar Tech
• Flextra
• Universal Platform

• HPR Plus
• Forefoot Stable Pod Construction
• Blown Rubber Forefoot

• Profile Sockliner
• Adjustable Saddle Construction
• Moisture-managing Element Mesh
• Synthetic Overlay Materials
• Moisture-managing Element Linings
• Internal Support Saddle

Green Features:
• BioMoGo, the world’s first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes

First impressions straight out of the box were that they were a very smart and stylish looking running shoe. On handling them and giving them a flex they felt quite stiff as to be expected from a support shoe. The only addition this time around i could find from the old shoe is Omega Flex Grooves which make the sole more flexible, so i can only presume the older model was slightly stiffer. The sole is very well gripped with a nice depth of lug which is good for heading on to trail runs. Brooks has these shoes at 342g but my mens UK size 9 weighed in at 320g which is a very good weight for a support shoe. They have a plush soft tongue which makes them really comfortable over the top of the foot. The side walls and toe box are fairly thin and offer good ventilation with enough room for your toes to feel comfortable. They also have a nice snug heel cup that holds your heel making them feel very supportive before you even start running. A removable inner sole that is anatomically shaped to offer arch support and over pronation control. On putting them on they were a snug and supportive fit. They are a little narrower than what i usually wear being a D width rather than my usual E width. That said they are not uncomfortably narrow or restrictive. The arch support could be felt immediately gently pressing against that area of the foot. The heel of the sole was very solid and felt quite hard without much give. the shoe continued to feel very firm through the arch and only softened into the toe area. With the initial feel of all this stiffness in the shoe it would be good to see how they perform. Since starting running i have moved from a heel strike to a mid foot strike in a bid to run a little quicker, but with this firmness i wasn’t sure how well they would flex through the foots natural transition. Although the laces have some stretch in them the were fairly short. I usually double tie them to prevent them coming undone but could only tie these once due to how short they are.

On starting out on soft ground the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13’s felt very solid and quite heavy. There is no doubt they gripped the foot firmly and were very supportive. Over grassy ground i didn’t really feel i was getting the best out of the shoe and felt i was carrying them instead of them carrying me. I would say over this soft recreation type ground i was only getting about 60% out of the shoe. I then moved on to some local trails. These have firmed up nicely in the current period of warm weather. The shoes really started to wake up on this terrain. Every impact of loose stone or uneven ground was swallowed up by the shoe. The shoe was holding my feet very firmly and comfortably but the sole construction was good enough to dissipate any shocks from uneven ground. Although on soft ground the shoe felt solid throughout on firmer ground the support throughout the arch area was evident and gave a comfy ride. I would say the shoe ramped up to 80%-90% performance over this ground and i was really happy with the protection they offered. Now up to 4 miles and no hot spots had started anywhere on my feet so the support and control was perfect across the whole foot. Moving of trail and on to the pavement the shoes were really singing. I ran with a heel strike to see how they felt and the transition from heel to toe was firm, comfy and controlled. Not feeling at any moment that my foot was collapsing and over pronating. Trying a more mid foot strike it felt slightly abrupt as it is firm and supportive in the arch but quickly softens in to the toe area. This is a positive in my book as it helps quicken the pace as you would expect from a more mid foot strike running style. It is as if you are getting a little kick back from the support with the mid foot strike style. I would say the shoes were right up at 90%-100% of what they have to offer out on the road. With 6 miles run in them and no hot spots, soreness or blisters i could very easily run on for much longer and see these as a real distance option for overpronators.

I have since run a further 11 miles over road a and trails before writing this review and the shoes have reconfirmed everything written above that they are a great road shoe that you easily take onto the local trails. The only down side being that they wouldn’t be at their best on very soft ground. All in all i think these are a really great shoe and give them 5 out of 5. They cope with over pronation perfectly, are a good weight and feel they would perform well over long distance runs.

Fearlessfeet Facebook and Blog Share


Since linking up with www.RunningBloggers.com i have linked up with some really great and amazing people. The vast majority of whom i can relate to and in return can relate to me. As well as providing huge amounts of motivation and inspiration they have made me feel a little less of a loony with aspirations well outside of my abilities to someone who should continue to knuckle down and chip away at making those aspirations realities. So it’s time to share some of that running love and pass on the page links so others can be inspired in return.

Von Ralls –  http://liftheavyrunlong.com

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Carmen Peterson – http://sherunseverywhere.blogspot.com

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Andy Scraggs – http://www.myfitnessgoals.co.uk/


Thanks to you all for sharing your endeavors and in turn keep me putting one foot in front of the other. I look forward to reading my stories over the months and years ahead, Baz.

Running On A Budget




Money has been stretched for most people in recent times so i thought i would write a post on what budget gear is currently available. I’m not one for buying really expensive clothing if i can find something far cheaper that does the job perfectly well then that’s good enough for me. I haven’t included running footwear because of so many variables like pronation, supination and width. I have searched out socks, shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve tops and also added a few accessories. I hope this is of some use to people and saves you some time trawling around the internet.


Nike Elite Running Quarter Sock Unisex – £5.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/nike-elite-running-quarter-socks

Mizuno Women’s Ronin – $6.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-MZWRS.html

Karrimor Duo Sock – £3.00  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-duo-run-socks-1-pack-415044

Adidas T Sock – £2.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/ADI4605/adidas-t-run-ankle-running-socks/

I have used the Karrimor and Nike socks with no trouble at all and the wear and durability is great. I have started using socks like the Nike elite more when racing as they have good elastication through the whole sock and help support the foot more than the average sock.



Asics Boxer Short – £5.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/clothing/shorts/asics-boxer-short.html

La Gear L LK – £2.49  http://www.sportsdirect.com/la-gear-i-lk-short-ld20-572050?colcode=57205025

New Balance World Class – $9.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpageMRA-NBMWCS.html

Nike 4 Inch Women’s – £5.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/nike-4-inch-short-womens-black-baltic-blue

Lonsdale 2 Stripe – £5.00  http://www.sportsdirect.com/lonsdale-2-stripe-woven-shorts-mens-435000?colcode=43500092

I use the Lonsdale shorts mainly because they have zipped pockets which can be handy at some races when i want to keep my train ticket or door key on me while i run.



Asics Womens Eikoku Top – £7.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/asics-eikoku-ss-top-womens-ss09

Karrimor Short Sleeve Men’s – £3.99  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-short-sleeve-run-t-shirt-mens-451131

New Balance Lady Short Sleeve – £6.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/NEW689527/new-balance-lady-short-sleeve-t~shirt/

Asics Ready Set T – $9.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpageMRA-AMRSET.html

Craft Active Run – £4.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/clothing/t-shirts/craft-active-run-t-shirt.html

When i started running i went and bought 2 or 3 cheap technical t-shirts but as most people will find as you enter races you will start to get a t-shirt as part of your entry. These seem to be getting better all the time and i have a good collection of technical t-shirts from races.


Brooks Women’s Equilibrium Nightlife LS – £12.00  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/brooks-equilibrium-ls-top-nightlife-womens-aw09

Men’s Asics Favorite – $24.88  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpageMRA-AMFVLS2.html

Karrimor Women’s LS – £4.99  http://www.sportsdirect.com/karrimor-long-sleeve-running-top-ladies-456032

Asics Eikoku LS – £7.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/ASI2095/asics-eikoku-3-long-sleeve-running-top/

Ronhill Vizion – £10.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/clothing/long-sleeved-tops/ronhill-vizion-l-s-crew-11818.html



Nike Shoe Wallet – £2.50  http://www.achillesheel.co.uk/nike-shoe-wallet-grey

Asics Arm Warmers – $8.95  http://www.runningwarehouse.com/descpage-AARMW10.html

Lonsdale Headband – £1.99  http://www.sportsdirect.com/lonsdale-headband-mens-770009

Hilly Reflective Armband – £2.99  http://www.sportsshoes.com/product/HIL67/hilly-reflective-running-armband/

Adidas Team GB Cap – 3.00  http://www.sweatshop.co.uk/accessories/adidas-team-gb-cap-ss12-7795.html

There are loads of bargains to be had out there and you can easily go cheaper than some of the items i have listed. If you do go cheaper you will begin to compromise on quality with t-shirts tending to be cotton rather than technical polyester. With regards to shoes if you know what type you need going for last seasons model can be a cheaper way of getting the footwear you need. With regard to the t-shirts remember that you can start to build a collection by looking at races that offer a technical t-shirt as part of the entry. If anyone knows of some great money saving websites please feel free to comment and let people know, thanks.

Happy running all!, Baz.



Hatfield Broad Oak 10k

big o



I had been looking forward to the Hatfield Broad Oak 10k for weeks. I hadn’t run this course before but was told by club members that it was all road and had potential for a PB. After my last PB effort a few weeks back this had been my next aim and attempt at getting close to it again. From the outset of the day travelling over the weather was perfect with a clear blue sky, sunshine and a light breeze in the air. I met up with my friend who lives in the village, he was also taking part and was his first organised 10k that he had signed up for.

 The Hatfield Broad Oak 10k were the winners of the BARR (British Association of Road Races) award in 2012, which shows what a well organised and fantastic event this is. The event was also a sell out with 1500 entrants taking part some coming from as far afield as New Zealand and Barbados! This will be a definite in my race calendar for next year.
 The race was due to start at 11 am so about 10.30 am we changed and headed down to the start area. Having a walk around i managed to catch up with quite a few runners from the Saffron Striders. After talking with the chairman Nigel Coates he didn’t think the club had much chance of ending up in the prizes such was the high standard of the entrants. That was saying a lot as we have a number of runners who can run sub 40 minutes and a few who regularly run around the 35 minute mark! We were soon at the start time and the race was started by the British hockey team player Chloe Rodgers who won bronze at last years Olympics.
 The course winds its way around country roads that are closed to traffic. There are some hills throughout the course but none that i would say really kill the legs, mainly gentle inclines over a few hundred yards. The weather on the day ended up being really hot and i think this is what slowed me down a little. Had it have been slightly cooler i think i may have gotten closer to my PB. I resisted the urge to take on a drink in a bid to save a few seconds. Although i sometimes feel like taking on a drink over 10k or lower i have never bothered, you should really be plenty hydrated enough before the start for this distance. Due to the heat i felt a little slow through the middle section and didn’t want to push too hard and come to a grinding halt. I settled into a good and comfortable pace and waited until i saw the 8k marker and then began to pick up the pace again. I managed to finish quite strongly but left my sprint a bit late and didn’t pass anyone. Although i didn’t get any better than 43.27 set a few weeks back i did manage 44.10 which is still a great run and is my second fastest time.
Once the race was over i waited around near the finish for my friend. We then went and handed in our chips and collected our t-shirts. Over the past year i have had some lower left leg problems and have booked in for a sports massage with the sports injury clinic. They were at the 10k giving out free massages so thought it would be a good idea to take advantage. After going over my left calf muscle she found a point that was quite painful and set to work on pressing and massaging the area. If anyone thinks sports massages are nice and relaxing…think again! After having a conversation she said that i have quite large calves and thinks i may have compartment syndrome. This is where the muscle is too large for the sheath of skin it sits inside of and can cause inflammation and soreness. So apart from the regular stretching i do it will be a good idea from now on to get regular massages  as finances allow.
 I highly recommend this race to everyone! you should look it up and if time and cost permit seriously think about travelling over and taking part. You get to run all on road in a pretty village. The roads are closed to traffic. The pub does an amazing hog roast out on the street and there is also a village fete and flower show to coincide with the 10k. They have a 1 mile race for children under 15 as well. All in all one of the best 10k races i have entered over the past year.
Happy running, Baz.