Running, Diet And Struggling To Recover




For some while now, probably as far back as March when i did the half marathons i feel i have been struggling to recover from runs. Any run over 5 miles i will ache for days after where as previously i would have felt good and strong again within about 24 hours. I decided to evaluate what i was eating and see if i was lacking somewhere. Quite shockingly i was about 1000 calories short on where i need to be in comparison to calories burned. Also i was very low on protein intake. No wonder i have been struggling to recover and getting small injuries appear! My diet was looking like this:


Banana and coffee pre run

Breakfast – Oats 60g, Rape Seed Oil 30ml, Honey 5ml

Lunch – Tomato and Onion Pasta

Dinner – 3 x Chicken Thighs, Cous Cous 130g


This was coming in at approximately 1340 calories and only 64 grams of protein! To maintain body weight i should be consuming 2000 calories add running to that i should be consuming about 2500 calories. I can see obviously why i haven’t been recovering very well.





So i sat down and made some tweaks to the above adding some extra foods in to bump up calories and protein. Now the diet is looking like this:


Pre Run – Banana and Coffee

Breakfast – Oats 60g, Rape Seed Oil 30ml, Honey 5ml and added Whey Powder 25g

Lunch – Tomato and Onion Pasta with Cheddar Cheese 50g

Mid Afternoon – Whey Powder 50g and Rape Seed Oil 30ml

Dinner –  3 x Chicken Thighs, Cous Cous 260g and Spring Greens (or other leafy veg)


With these adjustments the calories are now 2300 and protein is at 148g which is a decent improvement and i hope will help my recovery after runs. I always felt what i ate was quite good but i just haven’t been eating enough. Hopefully this will help with my long term goals of increasing the distance that i run as well. Thanks for reading and i hope to update you with another post soon.



6 thoughts on “Running, Diet And Struggling To Recover

    1. If I have a full meal personally I need to leave about 2 1/2 hours before I can run comfortably. That is why I usually just have a banana and coffee and about 30 minutes later I’m good to go.


  1. When I first started running I completely underrate and I underestimated how much food I was requiring – and I was getting more and more exhausted until it clicked 😉 I like the look of your meal plan, I’m also big on small snacks throughout the day too e.g. almonds which keeps me ticking over. I read an interesting article in a running magazine yesterday which also mentioned the importance of iron (as we require more as runners) – they said to consider iron deficiency if performance starts to fall and recovery takes longer – I definitely don’t take enough iron (and I’m thinking about supplementation) as they recommended 2 portions of red meat per week would suffice!


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