Running On A Budget




Money has been stretched for most people in recent times so i thought i would write a post on what budget gear is currently available. I’m not one for buying really expensive clothing if i can find something far cheaper that does the job perfectly well then that’s good enough for me. I haven’t included running footwear because of so many variables like pronation, supination and width. I have searched out socks, shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve tops and also added a few accessories. I hope this is of some use to people and saves you some time trawling around the internet.


Nike Elite Running Quarter Sock Unisex – £5.00

Mizuno Women’s Ronin – $6.88

Karrimor Duo Sock – £3.00

Adidas T Sock – £2.99

I have used the Karrimor and Nike socks with no trouble at all and the wear and durability is great. I have started using socks like the Nike elite more when racing as they have good elastication through the whole sock and help support the foot more than the average sock.



Asics Boxer Short – £5.00

La Gear L LK – £2.49

New Balance World Class – $9.88

Nike 4 Inch Women’s – £5.00

Lonsdale 2 Stripe – £5.00

I use the Lonsdale shorts mainly because they have zipped pockets which can be handy at some races when i want to keep my train ticket or door key on me while i run.



Asics Womens Eikoku Top – £7.00

Karrimor Short Sleeve Men’s – £3.99

New Balance Lady Short Sleeve – £6.99

Asics Ready Set T – $9.88

Craft Active Run – £4.00

When i started running i went and bought 2 or 3 cheap technical t-shirts but as most people will find as you enter races you will start to get a t-shirt as part of your entry. These seem to be getting better all the time and i have a good collection of technical t-shirts from races.


Brooks Women’s Equilibrium Nightlife LS – £12.00

Men’s Asics Favorite – $24.88

Karrimor Women’s LS – £4.99

Asics Eikoku LS – £7.99

Ronhill Vizion – £10.00



Nike Shoe Wallet – £2.50

Asics Arm Warmers – $8.95

Lonsdale Headband – £1.99

Hilly Reflective Armband – £2.99

Adidas Team GB Cap – 3.00

There are loads of bargains to be had out there and you can easily go cheaper than some of the items i have listed. If you do go cheaper you will begin to compromise on quality with t-shirts tending to be cotton rather than technical polyester. With regards to shoes if you know what type you need going for last seasons model can be a cheaper way of getting the footwear you need. With regard to the t-shirts remember that you can start to build a collection by looking at races that offer a technical t-shirt as part of the entry. If anyone knows of some great money saving websites please feel free to comment and let people know, thanks.

Happy running all!, Baz.



7 thoughts on “Running On A Budget

  1. This is a great post. Running is so expensive. I ran a relay race last year and spent so much money on it. I spent over $100 on t-shirts alone.

    I found a pair of shoes I really liked and bought 2 pair of them when they were on sale. I bought my KT tape and calf sleeves when there were Groupon deals for them.


  2. I remember once seeing a quote about how running was such an inexpensive type of exercise. That hasn’t been the case for me. Shoes, compression gear, race fees, visits to the chiropractor, you name it, I’ve shelled out money for it. 🙂 This is a great list of some inexpensive options.


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