Time To Step Back And Reflect



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I have been taking running as a serious activity just over a year now. Running at least 3 times a week (when not injured!) and am now a member of Saffron Striders running club. While i’m resting up with my current injury problem i thought it would be an idea to look back at where i was in March 2012 and how far i have come so far. Back in November 2011 i hadn’t been doing any serious exercise having quit the gym in September 2011. At best i had been running once a week because i had booked to do the Men’s Health Survival Of The Fittest in November of 2011. It was booked as bit of a laugh rather than taking it seriously and wasn’t so worried back then about how fast i could do it. The time came in at 1 hour 6 minutes and 10 seconds, considering this was an obstacle course i was quite happy with that time. It was around that period that i had some friends pass away and was a motivator in the new year to do something positive and channel my energy. So from March 2012 forward i was going to take running as a serious hobby, i had a bench mark over 10k of the 1 hour 6 minute time, let’s see if i could improve on that. I started out running locally 3 times a week and found it a real struggle to start with but slowly the mileage and the the times improved. I now felt i needed to set some targets and entered some 10k’s for later in the year, the first was Stansted in June 2012. my progress Through the year was as follows:

Stansted – 10k – June 2012 – 51m 55s
Clapham – 10k – July 2012 – 47m 59s
BBC – 10k -August 2012 – 45m 59s
Saffron Walden – 10k – September 2012 – 46m 13s
Manuden – 10k – October 2012 – 45m 01s
So through 2012 it can be clearly seen i was doing something right with my running as the times were regularly coming down with every competitive race i was doing. Over the Christmas period i was beginning to increase my mileage and had entered the Bath and Cambridge half marathons. To the present moment my race times are as follows:
Bath – Half Marathon – March 2013 – 1h 40m 42s
Cambridge – Half Marathon – March 2013 – 1h 42m
St Clare – 10k – March 2013 – 43m 27s
The slight drop in time at Cambridge was due to running on an injured ankle, not sensible but i knew the risk i was taking and was willing to drop out if it became to bad during the run. I’m not really sure if the drop in 10k time was partly due to the continued commitment to running regularly or the extra mileage i had been running for the half marathons or possibly a combination of the two. As i write up this reflection of the years events i am still recovering from tendonitis in my Achilles so on my return i am expecting to have a dip in running times. Once back to full fitness i hope it bodes well for the year and i can continue to bring down my times. The St Clare run was also the first time i had a part in winning a trophy for the quickest men’s team. I was the third man home and our cumulative time was quick enough to win the trophy. May be this is where my strength lies going forward through the year. Aim to be the third man for our club in future events, i can here the laughter of some of the club members from here! There are easily a dozen or more runners at the club that are far quicker than myself being able to run a 35 minute 10k. Although i don’t realistically think i could get that fast i do feel that those that run at around the 40/42 minute mark are within my reach, which in some races would give me a chance at that 3rd place team spot. Here is hoping that my current injury hurry’s up and disappears and that the rest of the year is injury free. Happy and healthy running to everyone!

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