Main Event Of The Year – Men’s Health Survival Of The Fittest

The time has eventually arrived! All the training since March has been leading up to this event and trying to better last years time of 1hr 6min 10sec. I’m reasonably confident but when you have up to 300 other runners getting in your way and obstacles to contend with…you never know what’s going to happen! I could really do with running a flat 10k race because i’m sure my time is down to around 42 minutes. My last officially timed race was 45min 01s, so the time i could possibly run would be anywhere between 45 and 55 minutes. This past week has been fairly relaxed with working all the time i’ve been more concerned with getting enough sleep, which fortunately hasn’t been too bad.The weather has been really cold and foggy around this area but remained dry. Still stuck to my 8 miles trying to run the first half fast and the second return leg as a recovery. The last few days have been rest days with stretching in place of running. My race day meal plan is 8 a.m. 50g oats with 50g whey and 30ml olive oil, 10 a.m. banana, 11 a.m. beet-it sport shot, 11.45 a.m. powerbar gel, 12 p.m. race. A full race review, time and pics will be posted in a couple of days one the time are live online.

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