Running Progress Update

The weather has definitely turned a lot colder this week!! The running leggings have made their way out of the wardrobe and the long sleeve tops have gone on. Have continued on my 8 mile route with time ranging from 59m to 1hr 17m. I was exercising 6 days a week and have found it too much and my legs were struggling to recover, i am now doing 5 days a week 3 running and 2 of weights, 2 full days off and more stretching. The Men’s Health run is coming up on the 17th November and am quite hopeful of bettering last years time. I am now booked up fro Bath Half marathon on 03/03/2013 and Cambridge on 10/03/2013 so i will be spending the winter months preparing for these events. I think i am capable of running faster but it seems quite hard to do this when running alone. A point on my run the other day proved this. I was at about 4.5/5 mile mark and passed another runner going in the opposite direction, said the brief hello and continued on. He seemed to me to be doing the same route as myself, carried on running. At about the 6.5/7 mile mark the same fella comes striding passed me!! He’d not only gone passed me once, got to the turning point but come back and caught up as well!! Suddenly the competitive head went on and put my toe down . I couldn’t catch and pass him but i did manage to keep up for my last mile, thus proving a point that i can run faster under the right circumstances, sometimes you just need the right motivator at the right time!

Happy running!

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