New Charity Idea,Raise Money And Try And Win Some Too!!



For only £3, guess the result of my Men's Health Survival of the Fittest - London for Cancer Research UK and you could pocket the prize fund in an online charity sweepstake!

Just click on the link to go straight to my page and make a guess:

How Guess2Give works:
1. Each guess is just £3 (got your debit card handy?)

2. Up to £2.50 (inc. Gift Aid) goes to Cancer Research UK while 50p from each guess goes into the prize fund.

3. If you’re closest to the result - happy days - you pocket the lot. 

Cheers for your support and good luck with the guessing.

Be one of the first to make a guess and be sure to secure the result you want.

Good luck and I'll be in touch with the result.

Barry Taylor

Last year i ran 1hr 6mins 11 secs, i will be looking for a sub 1 hour time.

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