Weekly Running update

With only 1 10k left this year i have turned my attention to increasing my mileage. So my regular run has now become an 8 mile from the 6 it was. The first 8 mile run came in at 1hr 1min 54secs, Fridays 8 mile run improved to a time of 1hr 0min 24secs which is a nice little improvement. Then i had a silly idea!! i wanted to prove to myself that i could do a half marathon. The sensible approach is to build slowly with an end goal/date/event in mind. Oh no! not this fool!! i tagged my new 8 mile route onto my old 6 mile route and went out for a 14 mile run! 1 energy gel in pocket and a small bottle of water off i went. As presumed the first 8 miles was no problem at all, i had the energy gel at about mile 7 and some water (probably not really enough). Onwards towards mile 10 i was feeling quite comfortable although my pace had dropped a bit, mile 11 i started to feel more tired mile 12/13 were ok slowing even more. One problem with the end of this route is the hills involved mile 13 to 14 was an absolute killer, my legs were aching like mad but knowing the finish was not far off was enough to keep me moving to the end. 14 miles clocked in at 1hr 56min 01secs, a very nice bench mark for the future. Now back to setting out a more sensible plan and my event aim is the Bath Half Marathon in March 2013. Now to refuel with a lovely Sunday roast!!!

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