Manuden 10k Results

This is another local race not far from home so i had a good idea what the race would be like. It was 99% on a road/country lane that connects 2 villages, so 5k out, turn and return. The weather was absolutely freezing to start this was still at 11am. I wasn’t feeling particularly good either and had taken headache tablets before leaving home and went with the view of getting around in one piece. Not travelling over this stretch of road very often i’d forgotten about a steep hill at the 1k point that was about 500 yards of incline which meant my legs felt it right from the start! I kept forging on using gravity to my advantage on the down hills and just using the minimum amount of effort on the up hills. from about 6k i felt myself fading a bit and this was shown by being overtaken by quite a few people. I stuck with my strategy of a semi sprint downhills with a slower recovery on the flat or up hill sections. Once the finish was in sight it was enough to spur me on to push to the end. This is certainly a course i wouldn’t expect anyone to get a PB on with all the hills involved. My regime is obviously doing some good as from previous posts people will know i average about 48m for a regular run out but was amazingly surprised and pleased to see a new PB with a time of 45m 01s. I have 1 more 10k planned for this year which is an obstacle 10k so although flat it’s not really looking like the sort of race to chase another PB, maybe i’ll book 1 more flat course 10k just to see where i could push my time to. From end of November on-wards i’m really going to start pushing the miles up in preparation for a half marathon in March, hopefully Bath and Cambridge. Manuden results can be viewed on the link below. Barry Taylor 50th position. As usual any comments and feedback are welcome!.

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