Still trying to improve my running

It has been bit of a poor weeks running again. I had a 5 mile run last Friday in 52 minutes and a 7 mile run on the Sunday in 1h 16m. The times are well down on my usual of about 48m for 10kOne reason is my new 7 mile route has some very big long hills mostly at the start that are really knocking the energy out of me and also my diet tweaks have had an effect as well. Before i went out for a run with the club last night i had an extra slice of honey on toast as an added carb boost. It certainly did the trick because i felt pretty good when i started running and got round 6.7 miles fairly comfortably! The Saffron Walden 10k is only a couple of weeks away so i may go back to my slightly easier 10k route in the run up to this event. The diet alteration also seems to be having the desired effect with a .9% body fat reduction this week. I would like to keep this level of loss up, about 1% per week. As ever you’re all welcome to leave comments and advice, thanks.


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