Running and workout shake up

Went out for a run of my new 7 mile route on Sunday 2nd. Got round in a time of 59m 37s plenty of room for improvement. With the kids back at school i have a new regime in place. Monday weights and strengthening, Tuesday Rest, Wednesday speedwork, Thursday weights and strengthening, Friday 7 mile easy run, Saturday weights and strengthening, Sunday long run. A new diet as outlined in an earlier post mainly to burn of some fat before reintroducing some cleaner low GI carbs. Had a speedwork day yesterday of gentle jog 20/30 secs then 5k pace 20/30 secs followed by 20 second full sprint and 20/30 sec recovery walk repeated 4 or 5 times as one set. Todays weights was simple and straight forward Bicep bar curl, Dumbell bench press and squats. The alternate weights session will be tricep bar press, bent over rows and deadlifts.

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