Bit Of A Poor Running Week!

Went out and looked at a new route last Saturday which would have been 7 miles. Only managed 5 miles with plenty of stopping and starting due to trying to navigate with the map. Had bit of a mild virus, only a bit sniffy but knocked the energy out of me, that and finishing work late as well (home as late as 2am!). Went for an hours walk on Thursday along a shortened section of my new route. Actually managed a proper run yesterday morning of 5 miles via my usual road route in a time of 41m 34s, which for a relaxed run trying to get going again is ok. I now have a selection of routes to see me through the winter ranging from my 5 mile road route, 6 mile cross country (3 road/3 cross country), 7 mile cross country (3.5 cross country/3.5 road), putting the 6 and 7 route together to make a 13 mile half marathon route and if i feel really energetic and adventurous, double that for a 26 mile marathon route. The 6 and 7 routes are looped so i start and finish at home and the 13 would become a figure of 8 route never being more than 3.5 miles from home so if things were going badly i wouldn’t have far to drag myself back. All of these routes are over hilly ground so i could take confidence in the fact that if i can complete these i would be able to get around a flatter competitive route. Next race booked is the Saffron Walden 10k on the 3oth of September taking place in my home village of Newport, Essex.

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