Fun and Creative Fitness Challenge

As people are well aware there are loads of sites offering help and advice on diet, nutrition and training. I came across this site it aims to turn your calorie counting, diet and fitness goals into a game where you can level up as you reach your outlined bench marks. Challenges are quite simple such as giving up a food type for example, as you reach certain point levels you then reward yourself with maybe a cheat food or buy yourself something new or whatever you want your reward to be! They also have an iphone app at

So keeping things fresh and interesting what would your fun and creative fitness or diet challenge be? I tend to find this quite hard and stick to the same old “get out the door go for a run”. Leave me a reply with your ideas. have been in touch and said they would like to offer a gift to the person that leaves the best idea! They have offered this . They will pick the idea they like in about a week and then send this HRM directly to that person!

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