Distance Running PB

Went out today and completed 2 laps of my 10k route setting a PB distance of 12 miles in 1h 48m 39s. the first 10k was comfortable as expected, mile 6 to 9 was a bit stop start as i had an energy gel at about 5.5miles and topped up with a drink at mile 6 which gave me very mild stomach cramps and also a horrible sloshy stomach. So it wasn’t until about mile 7 that it settled and i got back into a rhythm. Mile 10 to 12 was really difficult with my legs and feet really starting to ache, it was just a matter of finding a comfort zone and grinding out the last bit. At least now i have set myself a bench mark to work against and have given myself the mental boost that i can get through a half marathon. The foot wear still needs sorting out as they are continuing to tear my feet up.

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