Running Faster

Been out for today’s run. Did a 5 mile run in a time of 40m 55s, so running at 8m 11s per mile…so i should be pleased. So why aren’t i pleased with an improving time? It never seems to FEEL like i’m improving, every run is hard going but when i get to the end and stop the stopwatch i always see an acceptable if not improved time. With today’s time, hopefully i can run a sub 50m 10k on Sunday. Thank god i missed the torrential downpours we are still having!!. My thoughts on running faster….i’ve been around the web and seen the info available. Bounding, striding, stretching, fast runs, sprints, hops, skips, jumps…you name it, i’ve read it!! The logical conclusion to running faster?….put some more effort in and run faster!! With today’s run i set off at a fair pace and by mile 2 my lungs were bursting! So i eased back (when the going gets tough..shorten your stride -Dame Kelly Holmes) kept moving…felt fresher in mile 4 and held a comfortable pace to the finish. The result..overall an improved average time per mile…which would equate to a 49m 6s 10k time…this bodes well for my sub 50m 10k on sunday.

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