Friday Long Run

Surprised myself today with my longest run this year. 13.3k/8miles in 1h8m56s, this averages at 8m37s per mile and would bring me home in a half marathon time of around 1h43m26s. The last half mile was really hard going and i think i would need a drink or energy gel of some sort to help on through the last 4 miles. Another bench mark set! very pleased with the progress and hope it keeps heading in the same direction.

2 thoughts on “Friday Long Run

    1. I am looking at doing one as soon as October. My sister lives in Bath but their half marathon isn’t until March.At the moment i am setting myself the goal of doing at least 1 10k every month. I have Clapham coming up this sunday 15th. Then BBC running club has a 10k on 23rd August, 2 local 10k’s in september…then possibly taking the half marathon plunge!!. I have signed up for men’s health survival of the fittest in November already, so pretty well booked up. I have been toying with the idea of applying for the London marathon but i’m way off the mark at the moment. As stated in my blog my longest run so far has been 8 miles, i will try and push this every week. Thanks for following.


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